2017 National Trauma Study

The Sankofa Company is partnering with Crane R&D to conduct a national study on child trauma. Our purpose is to improve the lives of kids, by developing and administering a groundbreaking training series that teaches professionals how to discern the difference between a problem root and a problem symptom.

Phase 1

We are administering our anonymous, created survey to child-serving professionals (CSPs) to better understand where they are coming from. It was important to us to ask honest questions about their own experiences, as well as their perceptions of different groups of kids and their families. We will publish a white paper to be shared with each subset of CSPs, to begin dialogue based on facts.

Phase 2

The data that we collect in Phase 1 will be used to inform the next leg of the study that sniffs out relationships between the experience of bias and quality of care. We don’t believe in wasting information or wasting time, so we will consolidate the valuable indicators into a screening model that we will deploy at both the youth, family, and agency levels. After a few data cycles we will search for predictive relationships, in other words, we will find what moves the needle away from unmanaged trauma symptomatology.

Phase 3

We will create the training series on each identified factor, and begin facilitating this training to agencies across the country. We will coordinate and cohort groups and create reciprocity agreements so that we can continue to feed these best practices so that they can grow in reliability and in use.

What can you do to help kids living with trauma?

You can take this anonymous survey today, and share the link with your networks!

Child-Serving Professionals (CSP) – Youth Trauma Survey

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