The STORY Project

At The Sankofa Company we know that opportunity and restored youth face several common challenges. We are currently in the pilot phase of the Substantive Training of Opportunity and Restored Youth (STORY) Project. The crisis of disconnected youth is persistent. Human services organizations are being inundated with these two populations and most are finding traditional strategies ineffective at moving the needle on justice involvement, lasting employment, engagement in education, and homelessness.

The STORY Project disrupts the disconnection by integrating best practices from the past decade into an automated tool that can diagnose 15 developmental needs critical to both populations. This tool produces a case plan with interventions that are tied to each level of need, and are consolidated into 12, 24, or 36 high-benefit interventions.

We recognize that the majority of providers have distinct styles of case management that embody their organizational vision. The STORY Project is streamlined to 20-minute sessions that build upon each other – dramatically reducing cost per client and weaving assets around each participant for the best validated outcomes.

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