What is SANKOFA?

Speakers of the Twi language in Ghana have used the term sankofa to describe the importance of looking at the past to make sense of the present and decide about the future. At The Sankofa Company, we believe that we can learn from what has been and use that starting place to help us build what should be.

Our Mission

To use applied research to revive communities

Our Vision

Healthy communities, sustained by thriving people.

Our Aspiration

We want to be the natural partner to improve social equity in urban communities.

Our Values
    • Organizations are organisms, and must be thought of as systems, to grow.
    • Social equity matters
    • Each individual in a community is a cell in its body.
    • People make mistakes, and they should be given an opportunity to demonstrate their change.
    • Speed without direction gets us nowhere, direction without speed does the same. Balance matters.
    • There are as many perspectives as there are people in the room.
    • Patience is mandatory, some things take time.
    • There should be no shame in scars – every place and every person has a past.
    • Change happens in phases.
    • Without deep buy-in, nothing is sustainable.