People are members of multiple communities. These may be defined by gender, age, cultural identity, education, justice system involvement, and several other factors. These memberships are typically complex and require a grounded approach to understand how best to serve. Some agencies have a strong grasp on the needs of sub-communities, while the majority struggle to accurately determine their current and future needs. The Sankofa Company specializes in the development of dynamic programs that adapt to their participants, find the tipping point, and provide replicable outcomes.

Mission Audits

Is your mission statement backed up by your organizational products? We’ve found that most nonprofits and corporations have well-crafted mission statements to describe their intentions . . . yet the majority struggle to articulate what’s working, why it’s working, or execute strategy to close gaps. For this reason, goals are lowered and some fade out of existence. So what happens to the people that rely on them? Unstable communities typically have service vacuums – unmet needs. Our analyses have identified that these vacuums are directly related to holes in the operations of public institutions. We offer a mission audit which evaluates processes, policies, common practice, efficiency, and effectiveness against local, state, and national best practices. We teach our partners how to protect areas of strength, prune ineffective effort, and build stronger foundations to prevent internal vacuums.

Program Development

Grant and other competitive funding, at core, requires a plan. We assist organizations in the conception, creation, and implementation of specific programs that become their own. Our models are iterative and allow for cohorting. In common language, we build programs that can be compared against one another as well as the rest of the programs in the social marketplace. Programs that cannot prove their impact typically wither and die, leaving their participants without necessary help. Our analytics provide a strong shield against this problem.We help organizations help their funders justify ongoing investment.

Cultural Assessments

There is often space between organizational practices and their goals regarding diversity. Through our mapping process we can identify the gaps and construct the plan to fill them. Sometimes this is a Human Resources issue, in others a climate matter, but usually the voids can be attributed to an opportunity area in cultural competency. Organizations who thrive in diversity, have typically undergone a renaissance where they restructured how they live their ethics. Change management is hard to do without help, we are here when you need us.

Trainings for Teams

Most industries emphasize physical safety, but many forget that intellectual safety is the soil of creativity. Our training faculty trains teams to heal from old wounds and adopt a shared view of the importance of one another. We also assist established teams with finding their fire again. Touching again on the multi-membership concept, it is crucial that teammates understand how worldview is shaped so that they can unpack their biases and open themselves to more robust connections with one another. Our team catalogue includes:

  • “Understanding Our Implicit Bias”
  • “Culture-Making 101”
  • “The Virtues of Difference”
  • “Maybe It’s Me”
  • “Who I Used to Be”
  • “Your Legacy Started Yesterday”
  • “Leadership by the Smiles”
  • “The Ladder”
  • “The Handshake”
Community Workshops

Many organizations exercise civic responsibility and seek high-return ways of giving back to the communities they serve. We provide customized workshops on a wide range of topics (this list is quite literally too long to reference). Please email us to inquire about how to give the gift of education to the community or group of your interest.