We use an inter-generational model of community which recognizes that each age group has distinct needs. Some programs require triage support, while others can be calibrated to meet the needs of each group, for the best outcomes. The Sankofa Company is committed to providing support for helping each age range live longer, fuller lives. There is great power in meeting people where they are and assisting them from there. To that effect, we offer both administrative and supportive services to the public agencies, academic programs, and organizations that serve distinct population.


Infant mortality is a critical indicator of the success of a society. Many contend that the disparity in the rate of infant death in minority communities is an even bigger indicator. We assist agencies in building prevention-seeking behavior in the groups who experience infant death the most.

Young Children

Preparedness for kindergarten is one of the strongest predictors of high school dropout, lifetime income, and criminal justice involvement. There are many programs who do good work with young children, however, they are not as effective as they’d like to be at leading them through developmental milestones. The Sankofa Company offers short-term and longitudinal analysis on outcomes, which helps programs determine their own best practices. We then create a model that supplements remaining opportunity areas with nationally-proven approaches that get results.

School Age Children

Student-facing staff in schools are not always familiar with the impact that stressors have on school age children. There is often awareness that ‘something’ is going on, but staff rarely know how to intervene in the context of their interactions with these students. We offer coaching for new teachers as well as in-depth examinations of MAP, MAP MPG, TerraNova, AIR, and Renaissance data with executive coaching for school leaders. Depending on the need, we can provide global overviews on growth or the best starting points in the subject for the specific children in the classroom at a given time of day.

High School Youth

Adding on to the services available for K-8 children, we recognize the many hurdles that adolescents have to graduating from high school. Nationally, about 1 in 5 youth does not graduate, ever. This figure is tripled in many disadvantaged communities. Our experience and pulse on the recent research keeps us sharp on the best practices in working with niche groups like parenting teenagers, juvenile-justice system-involved youth, kids surviving in poverty, and former dropouts. We collaborate with school leaders to build an early surveillance system and intervention plan customized for their programs.

Opportunity Youth

Across the nation there are approximately 5.5M young people aged 16-24 who are not connected to employment or education resulting in ~$13,900 per year/youth and ~$77B in economic burden. This represents 1 in 6 total people in the age rage. Many cities have abundant job vacancies, but are unable to fill them due to the persistence of this important group. We help organizations find, recruit, train, and retain opportunity youth. Where the preceding groups represent the future of economic and social vibrancy, this massive group of unengaged young people can make a felt impact today.

Young Adults

Young adults are the largest social workforce, and possess the greatest stamina. The stubborn challenge with this group is finding a way to harness their creative energy. The Sankofa Group facilitates strategy sessions for those organizations that seek to engage and leverage the talent and time of this generation.

Adult Reentry

Restored citizens endure multiple cultural shifts upon their return to the community. The skills and characteristics that helped them survive in one environment do not often line up with the requirements of another. Supportive services are critical for this population of people; however, many programs do not know how impactful they are overall. Few programs understand which specific aspects of their work yield the greatest protective power from recidivating, or why. We assist such programs in analyzing their models, processes, and outcomes to recommend the tweaks that can make all the difference.


The goal of most public-facing agencies is to cultivate self-sufficiency. The symptoms to a struggling family can range from food insecurity to low academic performance of their children all the way to court-involvement. Families are our passion, as they are the root of community change. We provide dynamic analyses to determine how the systems that help families thrive are running, and the likely impact of different interventions.

Adults of Middle Age

Adults of middle age make up the largest section of the managerial and executive sectors. They are in position to engage young adults and will have need to create secession plans. The Sankofa Company helps leaders identify candidates and structure their mentorship to allow for the most impactful transfer of knowledge. Wisdom lost is edge wasted.


Seniors are an often-neglected resource in many communities. Their life experience and perspective is priceless. They filter and transmit values that support the goals of many organizations, yet, they remain a widely untapped group. The Sankofa Company offers consultation on the ways to best adapt existing program models to integrate the wisdom of the elders. We also collaborate with community partners seeking to engage seniors in intergenerational interventions.