We are excited to announce our recent merger with Crane R&D. Our focus will remain on strengthening the systems that help all members of communities thrive. Crane R&D has a work profile that blends a mastery of data mining, strategy, and training. Together, we move forward under the Crane R&D banner. All o

At The Sankofa Company we know that opportunity and restored youth face several common challenges. We are currently in the pilot phase of the Substantive Training of Opportunity and Restored Youth (STORY) Project. The crisis of disconnected youth is persistent. Human services organizations are being inundated with these two

The Sankofa Company is partnering with Crane R&D to conduct a national study on child trauma. Our purpose is to improve the lives of kids, by developing and administering a groundbreaking training series that teaches professionals how to discern the difference between a problem root and a problem symptom. Phase 1 We are

Infant mortality is a critical indicator for the health of a society. Through different research protocols from state Departments of Health and Human Services, we’ve found that social determinants of health are more critical to thriving infants than strictly medical approaches. We believe in the whole person, whatever the

Often, kids who act out in educational programs have a combination of unaddressed academic and human service needs. It is our position that these two components of a child’s life impact achievement. When they are engaged simultaneously, they correlate with remarkable performance and behavioral gains. We are confident that